Gift vouchers

Give a gift to your clients, business partners, friends or in the form of benefit to your employees. Gift, which surely makes pleasure and the presentee will choose his own excellent jewel, investment diamond or gold. 
Choose from the offer of gift vouchers from the jewellery of our own production, investment diamonds or gold with the discount of 10% for You!
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This year we endow really kingly!
Voucher in the amount of 
  • 500 CZK for 450 CZK for You, 
  • 1,000 CZK for 900  CZK for You,
  • 2,000 CZK for 1,800  CZK for You,
  • 5,000 CZK for 4,500  CZK for You,
  • 10,000 CZK for 9,000  CZK for You
  • personally | in any of the shops or premises of CABRHA diamonds 


After the order we are sending to you invoice with the banking datas and variable symbol. The printed gift voucher we are sending to you immediately after receipt of payment in gift envelope. The voucher is prepaired to make somebody pleasure immediately.
The gift voucher is valid one year from the date of issue and is valid in any shop or premises of the company CABRHA diamonds.
When ordering larger quantity we are ready to generate voucher up the value of 200CZK or prepare for you gift vouchers in higher amount than 10,000CZK, what is possible to use as benefit for purchase or for custom-made production of diamond jewels or investment.
Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your individual requirements on or on the phone +420 596 636 254, 725 396 607
  • Postage and packing according to the tariffs of delivery service
  • We are here for You every working day between 8.00 - 15.00 hours
Make pleasure with perfect gift!
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