Why CABRHA Diamonds - We Live And Create For You !!!

WHY CABRHA DIAMONDS - we live and create FOR YOU !!!

• We are able to flexibly respond to any request of the customer and comply with his requirements.
• Our priority is reliability, speed, quality of the work performed and discretion.
• We have many years of experience.
A team of specialists.
• Good price conditions.
We use the latest modern technology and production equipment. We cooperate with a completely equipped gemmological laboratory IGM Laboratory, Ltd., where you can verify the authenticity and quality of precious stones, metals and jewellery. We are a Czech manufacturer with long years of tradition. 
We guarantee you:
• premium quality diamonds and other precious stones with internationally accepted certificates from GIA, HRD, IGI, DPL, EGL or contractual gemmological laboratories of IGM Laboratory Ltd.,
price of the diamonds according to the wholesale pricelist of the New York Stock Exchange, RAPAPORT,
uniqueness and originality thanks to our designers who follow the latest global trends,
precise processing of jewellery,
• full-time care.
We offer you comprehensive service with a guarantee of quality what concerns the jewelry of the brand CABRHA diamonds produced in our goldsmith's workshop and also what concerns the sphere of gemstone investments.