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Diamond Bra In The Park Inn Hotel


The 3rd representative Transport And Traffic Ball took place on 23th February, 2013 at the Park Inn hotel. Our company was a partner of this social event, and therefore the ball did not lack the copy of "Diamond Bra," the original of which was first introduced at the fashion event - TOP SECRET 2012.

Other social and unique event where you could see the copy of diamond bra, was the 3rd representative Rainbow Ball, which took place on Saturday 9th March, 2013 at the Park Inn hotel in Ostrava.

The Rainbow Ball was moderated by the pair Gabriela Lefenda and Banánová Halina.
During the evening performed: Eva Dřízgová - Jirušová, Marcela Březinová and the violinist Jola Szajewska.
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The Transport Ball did not lack the most requested party band in the Czech Republic Legendy se vrací (Legends return)
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