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A Love Affair With Color

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Colored gemstone engagement rings offer a rainbow of alternatives for brides who dare to be different.

A colored gemstone offers a stylish alternative for the bride-to-be who wants a unique engagement ring. Nowadays we are seeing more people asking about colored gems as engagement rings. Beyond the popular blue sapphire, emerald and ruby, experts cite a wide range of desired stones, including fancy yellow or pink sapphire, peridot, pale green beryl, citrine, amethyst and tourmaline.

A recent study by The Wedding Report, a Tucson-based wedding market research company, concluded that 73 percent of couples named design or style as the number one factor when purchasing a ring. At the same time informed that the average age of a first-time bride and groom is now later than it was earlier, about 27.5 and 29.75 years respectively.

A customer in her late 20s most likely already owns a few pieces of significant jewelry, and therefore may be more open to expanding her collection with a colored gemstone. For the jeweler, experimenting with color, it also presents a welcome style challenge through playing with interesting cuts, metals and settings.

It’s a trend, but it’s a long-term trend. It’s almost a new generation in bridal, a new era of adding color. It’s exciting, both for the jeweler and the customer.

Article from the Rapaport Magazine - April 2013.