It happened in CABRHA diamonds

New Master Jewel From Our Workshop

Inaugurační pohár Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná

CABRHA diamonds would like to present you a masterpiece of his workshop, the inaugural cup, which is the pride of the prominent golf area Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná.


The cup, weighing nearly two kilograms, is from 18 carat gold set with diamonds of high quality and represents a vast and spacious network of golf holes. It is made from more than one thousand pieces of different sizes, which makes from it a spectacular work of art. The foot of the cup create three naked Muses, which are burdened by a glass lined with meanders from white gold, colored with crimson red polished enamel.The central motif is a sign of the golf area. The designer of CABRHA diamonds created the final draft several weeks and made ​​every effort to achieve the fulfillment of customer wishes. CABRHA diamonds was working on the final processing of the Cup details over four months and due to the high technical demands it is one of the unique jewels of our country.

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