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Lucara Recovers 239 Ct. Diamond at Botswana Mine


Lucara Diamond Corporation recovered a 239.2-carat diamond from its Karowe mine in ‎Botswana, the company reported. Two more exceptional stones were recently found at ‎the mine, including a stone weighing 124 carats and another weighing 71.1 carats.‎

"The recovery of these large stones is hugely significant to both Lucara and Botswana,'' ‎said William Lamb, the president and CEO of Lucara. “To the best of my knowledge, the 239 ‎carat stone is one of the largest diamonds ever to have been recovered from the highly ‎prolific Orapa kimberlite field in over 40 years of production.”‎
Lucara explained that the diamonds were recovered from the central kimberlite domain, ‎which only recently became ore feed to the plant. The diamonds will be sent to Antwerp ‎to be studied prior to being sold later this year.‎

Source: RAPAPORT, March 2013