It happened in CABRHA diamonds

New Collection Presented at Diamond Fashion Show

Diamantová Fashion show CABRHA diamonds
As if time had stopped and the guests could feel the 20s atmosphere at the Grandhotel Brno during a 2014 FASHION SHOW. Idispensable decoration of these elegant women were our jewelry from CABRHA diamonds production.

Premiere presentation of rainbow collection

Duhová kolekce CABRHA diamonds
Huge success reaped the collection "Rainbow" by guests of the Rainbow ball, which we introduced on March 15, 2014 at the Clarion Hotel in Ostrava.

Valentine visited a ball

Be my Valentine by CABRHA diamonds
Satisfied owner of the Valentine´s diamond kiss of our family brand "CABRHA diamonds" became one of the guests of the ceremonial ball of the town district Ostrava - South.

Kiss your love with a Valentine's jewelry from our goldsmith's workshop!

Be my Valentine by CABRHA diamonds
...every woman is happy when receiving a brilliant! ...every woman is happy hearing a romantic confession!

Ball season is already in full swing

 Diamantový prsten CABRHA diamonds Chantal III z kolekce Lady Shine
The 16th Gala Ball of motorists and businessmen in Ostrava started the ball season at the Clarion Hotel in Ostrava. This important event in Ostrava region was decorated by ...

Pour Féliciter 2014 by CABRHA diamonds

We wish you a Merry Christmas and in the new year first of all good health, happiness and succes both in your professional and personal life.

CABRHA diamonds supported the "Lovestory"

Musical temperament, charming waltzes and high/spirited czardas melody sounded in the greatest love story operetta, the Czardas Princesse, at the end of 2013, in "Jiri Myron" Theatre. The Diamond jewelry of our family company of the brand CABRHA diamonds ...

"EYE OF ETERNITY" - Magical Charm

Collection inspired by the mystery of the universe and with fascination of myriads of stars allows to anyone just at sight of these jewels to reveal the magic of ancient harmony of white gold completed by glitter of transparent diamonds. The sophistication of motives and precision even of the smallest detail of them rightly creates the answer to the search for supreme luxury. We believe that modern design imbued with the majestic splendor surely fulfill the desire of every woman after eye-catching and innovative jewelry.

Current Offer Of Diamonds

Are you thinking about investing in diamonds or are you looking for detailed information about investment stones? Our company has many years of experience in this field of investment. We will provide you with comprehensive consulting services in which we place emphasis on quality, flexibility and discretion.


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