Buyout of diamonds, precious metals, stones and jewellery

Buyout of gold and of other precious stones

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Buyout of diamonds and of other precious stones

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Buyout of jewellery

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For the buyout it is necessary to verify the genuinеness
We cooperate with indipendent gemmological laboratory
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which issues for us gemmological report "Gemmological appraisal without certification"
including valutation of your 
jewellerydiamond or other precious stones, 
see the pricelist here.
The price of precious stones by buyout (gold, silver, platinum and others) is stated according to the actual stock market prices.
After the valuation of genuinеness you will be offered buyout price, which will be payed immediately
eventuelly on the next working day at the address:
CABRHA team, s.r.o., Palác Elektra, Umělecká 305/1, 702 00 Ostrava, CR
In case of agreement on the purchase price, the fees associated with the valution of gemmolofical laboratory will be considered .
It is necessary to book on the phone: +420 775 999 001 or by email:
Buyout of diamonds is possible only in the clarity: IF (LR), VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, (VS)