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Fake gold bricks


CABRHA cheers for sport

Jsme hrdí partneři
On 25 February will be in the multifunctional hall GONG announced the winners of the award Moravian-Silesian sportsman of the year. CABRHA diamond will be there as a proud partner of the event and pass gift vouchers worth a total of CZK 20,000 on luxury diamond jewelry.

Month of love - Valentine´s jewellery from CABRHA diamonds

Měsíc lásky - Valentýnské šperky od CABRHA diamonds
Day of all lovers is undoubtedly year to year more popular holiday. No other day of the year entails so many romantic declarations of love, gala dinners and mysterious messages with the signature "Be My Valentine".

PF 2015

PF 2015 by CABRHA diamonds

Engagement and Wedding with Brilliant Rings by CABRHA diamonds

Vezmeš si mě? Zásnubní a snubní prsteny od CABRHA diamonds
Engagement and wedding certainly belong among the most important life events. For these romantic moments there were in our workshop diamond rings from white gold created.

New Collection Presented at Diamond Fashion Show

Diamantová Fashion show CABRHA diamonds
As if time had stopped and the guests could feel the 20s atmosphere at the Grandhotel Brno during a 2014 FASHION SHOW. Idispensable decoration of these elegant women were our jewelry from CABRHA diamonds production.

Premiere presentation of rainbow collection

Duhová kolekce CABRHA diamonds
Huge success reaped the collection "Rainbow" by guests of the Rainbow ball, which we introduced on March 15, 2014 at the Clarion Hotel in Ostrava.

Valentine visited a ball

Be my Valentine by CABRHA diamonds
Satisfied owner of the Valentine´s diamond kiss of our family brand "CABRHA diamonds" became one of the guests of the ceremonial ball of the town district Ostrava - South.

Kiss your love with a Valentine's jewelry from our goldsmith's workshop!

Be my Valentine by CABRHA diamonds
...every woman is happy when receiving a brilliant! ...every woman is happy hearing a romantic confession!

Ball season is already in full swing

 Diamantový prsten CABRHA diamonds Chantal III z kolekce Lady Shine
The 16th Gala Ball of motorists and businessmen in Ostrava started the ball season at the Clarion Hotel in Ostrava. This important event in Ostrava region was decorated by ...

Pour Féliciter 2014 by CABRHA diamonds

We wish you a Merry Christmas and in the new year first of all good health, happiness and succes both in your professional and personal life.

CABRHA diamonds supported the "Lovestory"

Musical temperament, charming waltzes and high/spirited czardas melody sounded in the greatest love story operetta, the Czardas Princesse, at the end of 2013, in "Jiri Myron" Theatre. The Diamond jewelry of our family company of the brand CABRHA diamonds ...

"EYE OF ETERNITY" - Magical Charm

Collection inspired by the mystery of the universe and with fascination of myriads of stars allows to anyone just at sight of these jewels to reveal the magic of ancient harmony of white gold completed by glitter of transparent diamonds. The sophistication of motives and precision even of the smallest detail of them rightly creates the answer to the search for supreme luxury. We believe that modern design imbued with the majestic splendor surely fulfill the desire of every woman after eye-catching and innovative jewelry.

Current Offer Of Diamonds

Are you thinking about investing in diamonds or are you looking for detailed information about investment stones? Our company has many years of experience in this field of investment. We will provide you with comprehensive consulting services in which we place emphasis on quality, flexibility and discretion.



"TOP STYL 2013"


New Master Jewel From Our Workshop

Inaugurační pohár Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná
CABRHA diamonds would like to present you a masterpiece of his workshop, the inaugural cup, which is the pride of the prominent golf area Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná.

"VICENZAORO 2013" – Spring Edition

The very best of gold, design and new jewellery trends was gathering at VICENZAORO Spring, the International Gold and Jewellery Show. The 2013 edition of VICENZAORO Spring was held at Fiera di Vicenza from 18th to 22nd May.

The History Of Engagement Rings From The Ancient Egyptians Up To Today

snapshot 2012-07-26 12-27-02.png
The history of the engagement rings and wedding jewelry market dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who viewed the circular shape of the ring as a never-ending cycle and the space in the center as a gateway. During the Roman era, a man gave the engagement ring with a small key, which, as the romantics believe, was the key to his heart. The ancient Greeks started the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand, as it is believed that the vein in that finger leads to the heart.

Rings Without Central Stone

We have prepared for you a unique collection of gold diamond rings, where it is possible that you make choice of the central stone according to your own imaginations. It's up to you whether you decide for a diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz or other stone. Choose a ring from the menu below, than choose the type and colour of the stone and leave the rest to our experts.

Diamond Summer Enchantment

hodn¦Ť kam+şnkov+Ż klasik s citr+şnem.png
Amazing white gold ring from the collection of CABRHA diamonds! The jewel is set with diamonds surrounding the shining central citrin. Combine the beauty of your jewelry with a stable investment ...

Graduation Present Solely By Us

Graduation is an important milestone in life, it is a memorable and festive moment of completion of study. That is why the graduation gift should be original and unforgettable. The luxury CABRHA diamonds jewelry from the wide collection of our company workshops will commemorate this important day.

A Love Affair With Color

snapshot 2013-02-26 08-46-03.png
Colored gemstone engagement rings offer a rainbow of alternatives for brides who dare to be different.

Jewelry, it is a play with details, we know it

Get inspired by new diamond collections. We will make even the most demanding piece of your dream jewelry.

Lucara Recovers 239 Ct. Diamond at Botswana Mine

Lucara Diamond Corporation recovered a 239.2-carat diamond from its Karowe mine in ‎Botswana, the company reported. Two more exceptional stones were recently found at ‎the mine, including a stone weighing 124 carats and another weighing 71.1 carats.‎

Diamond Bra In The Park Inn Hotel

The 3rd representative Transport And Traffic Ball took place on 23th February, 2013 at the Park Inn hotel. Our company was a partner of this social event, and therefore the ball did not lack the copy of "Diamond Bra," the original of which was first introduced at the fashion event - TOP SECRET 2012. Other social and unique event where you could see the copy of diamond bra, was the 3rd representative Rainbow Ball, which took place on Saturday 9th March, 2013 at the Park Inn hotel in Ostrava.

Valentine´s Wheel Of Fortune In the ČEZ Aréna

With the upcoming feast of St. Valentine's Day there was held a competition for gold jewelry in the CEZ Arena during the hockey match between HC VÍTKOVICE STEEL and HC Slavia Praha on 11 February 2013 .

St. Valentine's Day

Surprise your Love (not only) on Valentine's Day with a jewelry of the brand CABRHA diamonds. You can either buy a ready-made jewelry from us, or let us manufacture a luxurious gift from precious metal and stones according to your imagination with a help of our designer. You are welcome to visit us at one of our showrooms in Prague, Ostrava, Nový Jičín or Šumperk.

Diamond Bra in Ostrava

nacrtek diamond bra.jpg
A copy of a luxury diamond bra there will be exposed at the 15th Representation Ball Of Motorists And Entrepreneurs in Ostrava. The Ball will be held on Saturday 19th January, 2013, in the House of Culture of the City of Ostrava (Dům kultury města Ostravy).

Diamond Bra In Our Showroom In Prague

nacrtek diamond bra.jpg
The diamond bra from our workshop was introduced on the Lingerie Fashion Show in Prague Hilton Hotel in March, last year.

Happy New Year


Spectacular Opening Of Showroom In Prague

This gala opening was accompanied by a spectacular party where many famous faces took part in. All participants could enjoy our luxurious jewelry and precious stones, or possibly they could get inspired by creating jewelry of their own. Our designer was fully at their disposal for the whole evening.

We Were There...

Golf, VIP And Our Jewelry – That Means Celebrity Fashion Golf Cup Tour. The invited guests could get inspired by the pieces of CABRHA diamonds´ jewelry, each of which can become a beautiful gift (not only) under the Christmas tree. The jewelry decorated three luxury golf resorts. On 16th August the Golf Park Plzen, on 30th August the Golf Resort Brno Cascade and on 13th September the guests of the Austrian Golf Resort Waidhofen could admire the golden jewelry spangled with diamonds and other stones. For all of the participants, whether they took part in the tournament or not, there was prepared a rich program with tombola, music, fashion show and luxurious banquet.

Pyrofest 2012

Not only the pyrotechnic effects, but also our collection of jewelry glowed in great variety of colours, that excited everyone. The Music Festival Pyrofest with laser and fireworks show was held in the Yellow Spa in Prague on Saturday, 08th September. The groups of Nazareth, Chinaski, Xindl X, Toxique etc. performed on two musical stages. Children could enjoy the island full of pirates, jumpers, other attractions and various competitions.

Newly Opened Showroon In Prague, Týnská Street

We kindly invite you to our newly opened showroom in Týnská Street 13, Prague 1, opening hours are weekdays from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m. We are looking forward to seeing you, CABRHA team, s.r.o.


We have made commemorative rings for the members of the elder adolescent championship squad of  HC VÍTKOVICE STEEL. The hockey players received the winners´ rings to remind them their masterful ride of the season 2011/2012 at the memorial decorating ceremony on Friday. The sign of the club dominates on these triumphal silver rings and on the sides there are mentioned the championship success and the extraleague year, in which the Vitkovice adolescents became champions. Congratulations and we wish them further success.

We Are A Partner Of The Travel Fever Magazine

We attended the christening of the exclusive magazine Travel Fever at the end of May, which describes luxury lifestyle, traveling and adventures during travels in four languages. It is not a coincidence that we could be there on this occasion. One of the double pages of the magazine there is devoted to the unique CABRHA ® diamonds jewelry, manufactured in the workshops of our company.




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